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Royal Rover offers many of our products for sale. Please call ahead for anything you need and we will have it ready for you. We aim for contactless pick up and will bring your order to your car - just call us on arrival.

We really appreciate your support in these difficult times!

Please find a selection of our accessories available for purchase below:

Collars & Halters

Sporn Halter

In my humble opinion, these are the best “No Pull” harnesses on the market.

They are not designed for use as a car harness, strictly walking only.

I’ve been using these harnesses for well over 20 years and have found very few dogs that don’t respond favourably.

There is a specific method to using these harnesses, and to be honest the printed instructions don’t explain the method very well at all.

If you are interested, call either Debby or Matt, we will give you a free 30 min lesson with this Harness with no obligation to purchase. If, on the rare occasion the harness is unsuitable, we have alternatives you can try.

Medium $32 | Large $35 | XL $35 


Gentle Leader

These face type halters have improved remarkably! They are not my first choice, but if you have a big strong dog and literally can’t walk it, it could make the difference of a dog going for a walk or being stuck in a back yard.

Many people reach a stale mate, they have a dog that is bored, destructive, and barks incessantly, the most important thing for dogs like this is exercise and being allowed to explore a new environment.

However this is only possible if you can physically hold on to and control your dog.

In many cases a Gentle Leader can be used as a “Stop Gap” method, used until the dog (Through extra training) can be controlled on a Martingale Collar or Sporn Halter Harness. There isn’t a single piece of equipment that works with every single dog but, in the vast majority of cases a Gentle Leader will allow you the necessary control to get your dog out and about. Once lock down is finished, any Gentle Leader sold, comes with a half hour lesson on how to use it correctly.

If (in the rare event) it turns out a Gentle Leader isn’t suitable for your dog, we have more equipment available to try.

Medium $30 | Large $32 | XL  $32


Martingale Collar

I can say from experience just how good these collars are. One of my dogs’ Kevin, wore the same one for 16 years.

Martingale Collars are designed to sit “Flat” on a dog’s neck, like a watch band on your wrist.

The collar has no buckle or clip, it is designed to slip over a dog’s head and is then adjusted to fit.

The collar is used in a similar manner to a “Check Chain” but, is a softer option.

Because the collar tightens as the dog pulls (or the handler makes a correction) it makes it a great choice for “Thick Necked” dogs that often slip their collars. If this collar is fitted correctly, your dog cannot slip it off not matter how quickly it slams on the brakes! I recommend these collars for dogs over about 10kg. Really tiny dogs are often better walked on a different harness.

Small $14 | Medium $14 | Large $16 | XL  $16



These coats are easy on/off, shower proof, padded and lined for warmth, machine washable and very very comfortable.

Ever wondered why your dog rips up every jacket you put on him/her?

The comfort of the garment has a lot to do with it. Some jackets are so stiff, they are uncomfortable when a dog tries to curl up. These jackets are both warm and extremely comfortable.

Available in red and green.

35cm $25 | 45cm $28 | 55cm $30 | 60cm $30 | 71cm $35




These Lickimats are great boredom busters.

They are made from a non-toxic rubber. You can either rub soft food onto them or, pour on stock, broth or yoghurt and freeze them.

Licking is a calming behaviour, it can also be helpful for dogs that habitually lick their feet.

It takes quite a while for even an accomplished licker to empty a Lickimat.

Great to leave with your dog whilst you go out, or during stressful times such as thunderstorms.

Lickimats come in a variety of colours, there are hard backed lickmats for dogs inclined to be destructive or floppy Lickimatts for dogs less inclined to chew.

Soft Lickimats $10 | Hard backed Lickimats $15


Car Seat Covers

Pet Hammock Seat Cover

What a great thing to keep in the car for emergencies!

If you’ve ever been walking Fido and find he/she has rolled in something you’d prefer not to think about, you’d know how handy this seat cover could be.

Waterproof | Fits all cars | Install in minutes | Requires no tools | Has pre cut slits for seatbelts

If you’ve ever had to sneak a dog into a hire car on a wet day, you’d never be without one!



Treat Pouch

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good design.

Totally unhampered access to treats to reward at exactly the right moment is so important.

This is the simplest and most efficient design I’ve ever used.

Allows easy access to treats.

Treats don’t fall out when you bend over.

Comes with fully adjustable belt.

Super easy to keep hygienically clean.

Just insert a cardboard or plastic cup.

Fabric and belt fully machine washable.

Yes, it’s made from a sock! Yes, it’s so simple you could do it yourself, but for $8 do you really want to?



Placing your order

To place an order, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Debby on 0408 686 330

NB: Products are available for pick up only. We are not posting or delivering at this stage.