Pet Taxi

Door to Door Service

For your convenience our Pet Taxi service can pick up and drop off your pet/s door to door, just about anywhere in Sydney.

Your dog/s will ride in appropriate size crates in our air-conditioned van.

Prices start from $50.

Price is dependant not only on the distance travelled, but also on the length of time your pet/s stay with us. For example, we often pick up dogs from Northern Beaches, If the dog/s are staying for 3 weeks the pet taxi charge would be less than if they were only staying for a weekend, in which case the price for the pet taxi would be more.

To help keep us out of peak hour traffic, our Pet Taxi operates Monday To Friday, from 11am till 2pm.

If the idea of your pet being chauffer driven to Royal Rover and/or home is convenient for you, please give us a call on 0434 022 291 for a quote.

Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels - Pet Taxi
Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels Pet Taxi Interior