About Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels

Owner Operators Matt Lewis & Debby Berryman

Debby Berryman - Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels

About Debby

After training working sheep dogs, dogs for agility and flyball, animals for film and television and dogs with behavioral problems, boarding kennels just seemed like a natural progression. We have been here now since November 2008, we have seen the average dog numbers quadruple in that time. Word of mouth is our best advertising and that won’t happen unless we take good care of your dogs.

I get such a great buzz when a dog that comes in shy goes home with so much more confidence, behaves better on lead, or goes home leaner and fitter. We take an interest in each dog and their individual needs, that’s what is best for both your dog and our business. When the dog goes home happy, everyones happy.

Matt Berryman - Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels

About Matt

Having been employed in sales for most of my working life I was looking for a change of pace and less stress. When Debby suggested the possibility of owning Dog Boarding Kennels I jumped at the chance. I’ve always had dogs in my life and loved the idea of minding dogs as a profession. For me, like Debby, it’s wonderful to see a dog go home happy, healthy and more confident than when it came in.

The best part though is seeing how happy dogs are when they jump out of the car wagging their tails excited to be back and the owners saying how glad they are that they’ve found us as it makes their holiday more enjoyable because they don’t have to worry about “Fluffy”, “Fido” or whoever. I am really proud of the level of care we give our guests and I guess it shows with the amount of dogs that keep coming back to us for their holidays time and time again.

Ruth – Testimonial

Thank you so much. The dogs are really amazing!!!! You deserve every cent of your fee!

Took them for a walk this morning – couldn’t believe the difference with Hermia and she seems much happier with a more structured approach to things. She walked very beautifully, they’ve stopped pissing inside – my life is as it should be. I couldn’t be happier.


Colleen – Testimonial

I would highly recommend Royal Rover kennels for anyone wishing to board their dog. The owners Debby and Matt are a dedicated couple who treat your pet as their own.

I have a Border Collie who is diabetic and the feeling of complete trust in Debby and Matt takes the stress out of leaving him knowing he is in good hands. The kennels are clean no smell at all and have plenty of room to move around. The health is a high priority making sure all vacations and flea treatments are up to date. I have no hesitation recommending the Kennels. Your dog will be very happy there and have a smile on there face when you pick them up.


Brad – Testimonial

Thank you both for the amazing care that you gave our Nina in the eight weeks that she was with you. There are times that you have no choice but to board your pets however we have had some bad experiences in the past when Nina has come home almost depressed. After reading all of your experience I was convinced that it was the right decision to leave Nina in your capable hands and I have no regrets in doing so. Every time we visited Nina she was full of energy and the healthiest I have seen her. It was obvious to both of us that you care deeply for animals and love what you do. I would not hesitate to recommend Royal Rover for anyone that would prefer their pets to have a holiday rather than a boarding stay.