Care for your dog


Excellent care for your dog is our number one priority. We focus on a number of elements to ensure your dog has a safe and happy time with us, including:

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Little Dogs - Walk & Play Time

Little dogs have plenty of access to an exercise area, it is complete with toys and in the warmer months they even have a paddle pool. If they are all social and getting on and are no entire males and females mixing, they have full access to their grassed area all day and have lots of fun.

It's great to see all the dogs sharing toys and playing "Chase me Charlie" around the kennel block. Little dogs don't get walks, simply because they get so much play time they tire themselves out.The little dog kennels are out the front where we can keep an eye on them and well away from the large dogs.

Bigger Dogs - Walks & Play Time

Depending on your dog's temperament they can either be exercised on their own or with a couple of suitable play buddies. These doggies really enjoy their romps, and wrestles and games. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the big dogs enjoy a walk around the property boundaries on a ten meter lead.

Whilst out walking it gives us the opportunity to have a good individual study of each dog and make sure everything is in working order, it also gives the dogs the opportunity to burn off some steam, have some time out from the fast pace with the other guests and even have a swim in the dam if they like.

School & Public Holidays

Due to the large number of dogs we carry during peak periods we do charge for walks during school and public holiday periods.

You can book up to 3 walks weekly for your dog, walks are $10 each or a package of 3 walks is $28.

Dogs are walked on 10 meter leads and given the opportunity to swim in the dam.

All dogs are out for 2 free play sessions twice daily whether or not they are walked.  


Here at Royal Rover, we like to feed a good quality, well known dry food, so we use Super Coat biscuits. Super Coat has real meat as the primary protein source; it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We carry several varieties:

  • Adult Chicken
  • Lite and Mature
  • Sensitive
  • Junior

We also feed fresh chicken mince or a beef, chicken and vegetable roll. The vast majority of our guests enjoy their meals, but fussy eaters are catered for as well. We generally feed once a day but can feed twice daily if required. Pregnant bitches and puppies under six months are fed twice daily.

We always ask if your pet is allowed to eat bones, as we give bones to them a few times a week. Those dogs not permitted bones are given baked biscuits or suitable treats so as not to feel left out! Fresh water is of course always available, all food bowls are washed daily. Please feel free to bring special treats and we will give them out accordingly.

Unless your dog needs special food for a medical condition, please don't bring food (other than treats) from home. Our kitchen is very small, we don’t have room for separate food containers and it takes considerable time to sort out different diets. Clients that insist on their dogs have their own diet for non-medical reasons will be charged a fee of $2.00 daily.

Arrivals & Departures

We request all dogs arrive between 8am and 11am, this gives the dogs plenty of time to settle in before dark. We request that dogs departing the kennels do so after 2pm, this is for several reasons. We try to make sure all dogs are washed before they go home; we also like to wash any bedding or jackets you may have sent with your dog. We don't feed bones, treats or dinner to dogs due to leave as this increases the likelihood of them being sick on the way home.

Health Care & Disease Prevention

*Proof of current C5 vaccination is required at check in

Please remember to bring your certificate as we can only call your vet to check vaccination status during normal business hours.

Special medication will be continued by arrangement. All dogs should be wormed prior to admission, long term guests will be wormed regularly, you are welcome to provide the wormer or we can provide it for you and charge it to your account. Heart worm treatment is carried out on the appropriate date specified by the owner.

Should your pet need veterinary care, there is a local emergency vet on call close by In an emergency the owner gets the second phone call, our priority is to see to the dog's safety and well being as quickly as possible. Facilities are available for dogs that are unwell providing that they are not contagious.