Dog Accommodation



Each dog has an individual kennel, unless requested otherwise by the owner. Each kennel is separated by solid partitions of washable material to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting. The sleeping area is protected from rain and wind, and are cool and ventilated. The outside exercise run has weld mesh dividers with wire overhead to curtail escape artists. The wire is covered with shade cloth to give shade and comfort. Dogs are placed appropriately to reduce noise and we allocate suitable neighbours. The entire area is concreted with adequate drainage.


The kennels are separated into in five banks. Two of these banks are only for the small dogs and they have their own exercise areas. In order to comply with noise regulations, they do not face each other. ARRIVAL and COLLECTION times must be strictly adhered to. This is to reduce noise pollution.

Each kennel is supplied with a trampoline bed. You may bring baskets, rugs, balls, toys BUT PLEASE NO BEAN BAGS OR FOAM MATTRESSES. All belongings need to be marked.


Kennels are fitted with a secure closing device that cannot be opened by the dogs, but allows ready access in the event of an emergency. Security fences are in place between banks to prevent escape of dogs. The entire compound is enclosed with six foot chain wire with a lockable gates to prevent unauthorized entry with an Alarm system at the main gate. Provision is made for bitches in season of which we need to be informed.


Our boarding kennels are located in a spacious rural setting away from noise and pollution, which can cause injury and stress to animals. We have an adequate water supply and have a septic system.


Please try to socialize your dog before boarding, as this will reduce stress and assist us in handling and exercising your pet.


Looking forward to meeting your best friend some day.

Cheers, Deb & Matt